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Feather of Forgiveness

In the lead up to his first solo exhibition, "Feather of Forgiveness" at Sade Gallery in Los Angeles, Sunday, November 23rd, we caught up with photographer Nate Walton to ask him a few questions.

Name? Nate Walton

What do you do? Photographer

Where do you live? Los Angeles

Film vs. digital. What are your views on this? I've shot only film until now. It's just the way that I learned and also what was available to me. It's impractical and costly and because of that, it demands an intention that doesn't seem as necessary with digital. I've heard people say that digital will make you lazy, but I don't have any experience with it. I don't know how to use a digital camera, but I'm not opposed to it. I will probably get one very soon.

What did you want to grow up to be when you were a kid? Illustrator

If you could do anything without any repercussions, what would you do? Drugs

If you could hear one last song what would it be and why? Just to Keep You Satisfied by Marvin Gaye, because it's the best song I've ever heard.

Tell us about your first solo exhibition "Feather of Forgiveness"? Feather of Forgiveness is essentially a still life show, but it's also about ghosts and dreams and the non-figurative. Just as forgiveness is somewhat intangible, so is the subject in these photos. It's erotic in nature, but more about what looms in the periphery.

Does your still life work relate to your portraits? How? Whenever I'm shooting a portrait there's always a still life nearby. My photos tend to wander into that space between the two. I think there's really a lot going on right there in that in between zone. Also, you could say that a lot of my nude portraits are essentially still life as well.